*Bethel Christian Church*

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Pastor Mark Shelnutt



 660 Glenn Rd.

Franklin, GA 30217

Our motto is

"The little Church with the big HEART".

Our mission is to bring souls to

Christ and our vision is to build up the

Kingdom of Christ.

We strive to reach the lost through our

mixture of Praise and Worship music

and continued singing of the old hymns.

Our worship service is strictly Bible

based and the Word of God is

preached and proclaimed.

We invite you to come and receive a blessing.



Empowered by Christ, we glorify God by encouraging, equipping, and expanding the family of God.

Bethel Christian Church is located in West Central Georgia in Heard County. 660 Glenn Rd., Franklin, GA. The history of our church can be accessed on our History page...

     Opportunities of Worship                

Sunday School....................10:00am  

Morning Worship Service....11:00am

Wed. Childrens Bible Study ..6:00pm

Wed. Bible Study...................6:00pm 

  • We at Bethel have fun!
  • Senior Saints Dinner yearly
  • Annual Chicken BBQ (3rd Sunday in Sept.)
  • Homecoming ( 3rd Sunday in May)
  • Annual Men's Cook Christmas Breakfast
  • Annual Homemade Ice Cream Day in July
  • Annual Watermelon Cuttin' Day in August
  • Annual Fall Festival in October
  • Annual Easter Sunrise Service & Breakfast
  • Annual Chili Cook-off
  • Participation Float in Christmas Parade
  • 5th Sunday Pot Luck 


- Come join us in fellowship and worship of our Master, Jesus Christ!



Bible Study every Wednesday night at 6:00PM.

We are now studying the book of Acts. We have an interactive Bible Study where everyone joins in. Study to show yourself approved. Join us and receive a blessing as we learn God's plan for our salvation.

Children's Bible Study at the same time.

We have a structure Bible Study that is geared to the childrens age level. They are learning what it takes to be saved and learning how to pray and act as a Christian.






Please be in continued prayer for our troops and those serving our country. Our boys and girls need all of our thoughts and prayers and support! We need to ever mindful of those who do not have the freedom that we have to serve our God. Glory to God that we live in a free society where we can worship the one true God. God bless America.